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Thank You from the Werner Family

To PHCoEM Members

Wanted to post this email from Rick’s family for those that didn’t get it through the Yahoo Groups email, so that you can all see how much it meant to them all the love and support you showed.

The BOD would like to echo this thanks and continue support to Kathy.



PHCoEM President (2014-2016)


There are not enough words to express our heartfelt gratitude for all the caring and thoughtful Parrot Heads in Rick’s life. Rick loved you all and enjoyed working the different charities with you so much,

He is smiling down from that special place. We’re positive that he would have been out there flipping burgers if it was one of you. He was a really special man for all his family and friends. We will miss his wonderful smile dearly.

Please keep Kathy in your thoughts and prayers. She will need the support from not just us, but her PHamily in the coming days, weeks, and months.

On behalf of our entire family, thank you for your support to the PHCOEM and Parrot Heads around the country.

Sincerely, The Werner Family

Rick Werner’s Passing

It is with a heavy heart that we post this article of a man who spent many years helping others and bringing smiles to all the people he met.  He touched so many lives and they are all richer for it.  There are many stories and photos that pholks have been sharing and let it give comfort to Kathy (his wife) and family during these difficult days to see what a legacy Rick leaves behind.    May we all live life to it’s fullest as Rick did and may we all make sure to stop and give a smile to everyone we meet.  While heaven has gained an angel to toast us from above – let us all raise our glasses down here to let him know we will never forget how he touched our lives.

There will be calling hours from 4-8pm on Tuesday, October 7th at:

McDonald Keohane Funeral Home – 809 Main Street, South Weymouth, MA 02190   P: 781-335-0045

In lieu of flowers donations can be made to either charity in Rick’s name:

East Coast Italian Greyhound Rescue:

Special Olympics of Massachusetts:

Falmouth Road Race – JAF Team Cheerleading

A huge thank you to the brave souls that got up early in the morning on August 17th, and drove to Falmouth to help cheer on Joe Andruzzi’s Fundraising (JAF) team to benefit Up Beat Cancer. JAF does a lot of great things.  Not sure if you recently saw the little boy with the brain tumor and all he wanted was birthday cards, they were instrumental in making that all happen.  

It was a beautiful day and the runners were so appreciative.  Thanks to Elena and Bobby Pouliot and her family crew of supporters & Rita who were at mile 5 cheering, and Mike Crowley, LyndiLu, AWR and Sunshine who were at the finish line cheering.  It was a fun event and there was an after party that all but AWR & Sunshine were able to attend. The photo below from the after party shows the smiling faces including Joe Andruzzi’s.  

We will be looking to maybe doing a Cape weekend next year, where we can combine volunteering at the road race and having a social on the beach. So stay tuned for our Charity/Social folks put something together.

The Motley Crew at the Afterparty


PHCoEM Membership Pool Party at the Fratangelos

I would personally like to thank Ernie & Ellie for an awesome time at their home for our annual PHCoEM Pool Party on August 2nd.

What a fun filled day, doing the Pan Mass Challenge Water Stop in the morning and then spending the afternoon getting together with great music from Ray Z enjoying some Ma-Doudou and yummy ice cream from Goodies.

The shrimp donated from Margaritaville was nice and hot on a chillier than normal afternoon thanks to Tom and Ernie for cooking it up for us.

All the food that folks brought to share was very delicious and some included healthier choices – like Kathy’s tomato, mozzarella and home grown basil drizzled with vinaigrette – my favorite.

The sun did come out for a while so we got to do some dancing and swaying to the great music supplied by Ray Z who was so gracious to have Bobby as his back-up singer. What a great combo.

Thank you to our additional chef Richard and Mac for the cheeseburgers that were very tasty later in the day.

The Margaritaville basket that we gave away for the door prize was won by none other than our Vice-President Donna “Mac”.

The Big Summah Raffle items were won in order Tony Avitable took the Margaritaville Chiller, the Goodies owners took the shot ski, Ma-dou-dou and sarong, then the last two winners Renee Young took the Holiday Santa and Stacey Kneeland took the Poker Table.

We also introduced some of our new club merchandise. There were long and short sleeve t-shirts and zip up hoodies. Here are our some of our members who purchased them and are modeling for us. If you are interested in either the t-shirts or the hoodies, please get in touch with LyndiLu or Mac to put in your order. They are Carolina Blue and look really awesome as you can see.

Pan Mass Challenge Road Race

On behalf of Diane Xenelis a huge thank you to all the volunteers that braved the rainy weather on Saturday, August 2nd and came out to cheer on the Pan Mass Challenge riders at the Wrentham water stop. We sure looked festive in all our gear and the cheering really helped the riders. There were 2 of our own Parrot Head folks in the mix of riders, Stacey and Charlie. A huge congratulations and thank you to them.

Look at how festive we all were – especially Toni with her colorful umbrella.
The festive colors and Toni's colorful umbrella.

The whole gang – a little wet but happy to have helped.
The whole gang a little wet but happy.

Brockton Rockets Baseball Game

A great bunch of PHriends headed out to the outfield at the Brockton Rockets baseball game. K-O, the Rox mascot, was there and took a ‘Selfie’ with Kathy. the baseball gods must have been pre-occupied with the major league trade deadline, as the home team lost 3-1. The weather was a beautiful 75 degrees with wispy clouds in the sky and a slight breeze blowing out over the beer garden in the outfield. It was Halloween at the ball game last night, and our own little devil, Kathy was present. After the game the team “Launched a Ball” in hopes of winning a big prize, but alas. . . In the end, there was joy in Mudville and a great time was had by all.

Hello From the New President

I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to all of our members for being a part of such a wonderful Phamily known as PHCoEM.  I know several of you personally, I recognize some by their faces and others I’ve yet to meet, but hope to do so in the near future.

I want to welcome our board of directors which have already started their terms.  I’m very excited about the enthusiasm and team work already shown by them.

President – Sunshine (Karen Feldeisen) –

Vice-President – Mac (Donna McCarthy) –

Treasurer – Angela Gallant –

Secretary – Liz McCarthy –

Membership – LyndiLu Hoobinoo  –

Charity/Environmental Affairs – Deb Beauregard & Elena Pouliot –

Social – Kathy Werner –

We have some challenges ahead for us, but there is nothing that team work, cooperation and a focus to do what’s right for the club cannot overcome.

I, along with some of the board members will be attending the different area TT’s starting in September.  I will coordinate with the Ambassador’s on when I will be attending in plenty of time for them to get the word out to everyone, I will be starting with the North and have already spoken with Jodi at the concert so she knows we’re coming.

I’m hoping that all of our current members and if you can convince them to participate former members will come and bring in their ideas for both charitable and social events.  We have a lot of ground to cover in this club and there is no reason why we cannot be doing both types of events in each area with the help of all of you.

I’ve also already appealed to some of the Parrot Heads with Keets to bring in ideas for more Keet friendly functions, for they are our future and we will need to ensure that they have the same strong conviction to leaving this world in a better place and keeping this club and all the good it does moving forward.

I will be at the Pan Mass challenge next weekend and at the Fratangelo’s membership party and I look forward to meeting with all of you.  So come on out and have a great time with all of us.  Ray Z will be playing and there will be make your own Sundaes again…yummy.  Any questions, ask Mac she’s the bored buddy for this event.

Looking forward to doing some great things with the club.


May Your Phins Always Take You Safely Home

And The Results Are In!

Hello Phellow Phlockers,

On behalf of the Election Committee, I just wanted to say thank you to all our members that chose to vote and voice their opinions on the election. We sent out 146 ballots to paid members in good standing of voting age. The accounting firm received 97 of those ballots back (5 of which were passed the due date of stamped postmark, so they did not count and would not have affected the outcome because the majority were for the winning candidates).  We would also like to thank the Boucher Tax and Accounting Firm for all their hard work in accepting and counting the ballots and the professionalism shown in this recent club election.

The winning candidates are…drum roll please…Liz McCarthy will be the new club Secretary and Angela Gallant will be the new club Treasurer.  So we welcome the new BOD members and thank you to everyone who worked so hard in making this a fair and unbiased election process.  Thank you all phellow phlockers  and we look forward to moving the club in a positive direction.

Thank you,

The Election Committee

It’s Baaaackkkk…The Big Summah Raffle !!!

We’ll be kicking off at the Mendon Drive In

Time to be Naughty ‘n’ Nice

Proceeds to benefit Special Olympics SOMA

Tickets: 1 for a Buck or a Six Pack for $5
Winner to be pulled @ the Annual PHCOEM Pool Party
August 2nd hosted by the Fratangelos

Chillin’ with Santa  PRIZES: 

2014 Ltd Ed Chesapeake SantaMARGARITA BAY
Special Thanks to Chesapeake Bay Christmas Company who donated
handcrafted Santa to help support Special Olympics SOMA  FB
First Winner, First Pick of Prize

MARGARITAVILLE Chillin’ Pour Liquor Chiller
Holds approximately 25 oz.; chills liquors and beverages to 15 degrees

See You in the Movies,
LyndiLu Hoobinoo
Membership Director

PHCOEM Election News!

Well, it is that time of year, the birds are finally chirping, the sun is out (for the most part) and elections are upon us. We just wanted to thank everyone especially all you long time members for making this club such an honor to be proud of…. we want to continue to make this club a positive experience for everyone involved so be on the lookout for an envelope that will contain the intentions to run from the candidates and a postcard ballot. The ballots will be addressed and stamped already so all you have to do is check the box for your vote and stick it in the mail.

We have acquired the services of an unbiased 3rd party accounting firm to help us out this election season. They will count the ballots and send the committee the results. Thus keeping things as simple and as fair as possible for everyone involved.  We appreciate your votes, concern and consideration as we hope to move the club forward in a positive direction.

We would like to thank Sunshine Feldeisen for running for the Presidency she ran unopposed, so she will be the new club president. We would also like to thank Deb Beauregard and Elena Pouliot for running together unopposed for the Community Affairs position. They will co-chair this position and share one vote on the BOD when and if it arises. They are already looking forward to these positions and moving our club in a more positive direction not only with all communications with Special Olympics but with all our club community and environmental and social affairs. So a big thanks to them for running.  The contested positions are Treasurer with Rob Patton and Angela Gallant and the Secretary position with Allie Lee and Liz McCarthy.

Please send your ballots in for those voted positions and take into consideration what is in the best interest of the entire club.

The Election Committee

* You can view bios of all the prospective canditates here