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Parrot Points

1 point for attending a social event, helping with a Manana Times or EMT

2 points for attending a community service event

3 points for organizing a social event

4 points for organizing a community service event

Bored members receive 2 points per month.

Please note that contributors to the Manana Times or EMT will receive no more than one point per edition (meaning, that if you submit one article or 20, you’ll still only receive one point). Also, if you are the organizer of an event and do a write-up for the MT, you will receive no additional points for the article, as this is considered part of your duties as event chair.

Parrot points will be communicated by the appropriate Bored members for entry into the database. The points are awarded per paid adult member and recorded as such.

For more detailed information, refer to the PHCOEM By-Laws.